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RPC engineered diffuser: EDS20

Raytraced Intensity (qin,, jin = 15į, 45į)

Custom Zemax* surface scatter dllís



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The Zemax, ascii-based, BSDF scatter surface type has been problematic for some users in reproducing correct orientations and displacements of measured off-axis scatter.

†††††††††† Custom DLL surface scatter models, designed either from user-supplied BSDF data or analytic functions,† can be turned around in less than one week by OES. The DLLís are thoroughly tested and require significantly less storage (including ancillary binary files) than the Zemax bsdf surface type, all at similar ray trace speedÜ.


First dll scatter model : $1000 US

Subsequent dllís :††††††††††††† $500 US

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*Zemax is a registered trademark of† Zemax, LLC .

†† No affiliation exists between OES and Zemax, LLC.


Ü 5 Million rays in 3 sec [ XPS-8500, 8-core I7-3770, 16 Mb RAM ]